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Our Story

Imagine Resorts & Hotels was born when an award-winning group of hospitality veterans came together in 2015 with a shared vision. Having developed and operated more than 40 hotels and family resorts, we witnessed firsthand that most hotels and resorts approached a family as simply consumers of their facilities versus partners in a shared, dynamic experience.

We imagined a resort model where families are at the heart of everything we do. A resort designed to deliver fun, memory-making and genuine family bonding as our product. We strive as a caring team to achieve our mission through creating authentic, interactive, immersive offerings that spark imagination, joy and play for every member of the family.

Imagine Resorts - Our Story

Our Culture

Imagine Resort properties are committed to bringing together families and friends in a safe, fun and idyllically designed environment that intrigues and captivates our guests, ignites the human spirit, nurtures a sense of wonder and drives shared discovery while fostering awe and respect for the world.

Imagine Resorts - Our Story
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